This video gives a brief overview of a common communication impairment following an acquired brain injury – cognitive communication difficulties. The video helps explain what these difficulties are, the impact they can have and what can be done to help a person overcome their difficulties.

“3 stories – 3 brain injuries – 3 young lives” is a documentary style video produced by Tilly, Paddy and Jack as part of a project based social communication group run by Speech Therapy North East. The group ran between March and July 2023. Facilitated by our associate therapist Poppy and filmed by staff from Darlington College – the video aims to build people’s awareness of what it’s like to live with an acquired brain injury. Jack, Paddy and Tilly share their personal stories to get their own message across about what impact their acquired brain injury has had on their own lives. (Warning: there are some images and video footage from the scene of two different road traffic collisions that some viewers might find distressing.)